Everyone of us have these deep thoughts that we don't like to share with anyone, but there are others that we want to share with our family or friends to celebrate with you the victories in your life. In my case, my paragraph was on an event that made me very happy.

    Loving Words

   Neutral Words

Some things
 Words that carry    stress or judgment 


Reflecting on my paragraph....

     This is an activity that i have made before in my life specially at school. These kind of activities help you as a person to revise what is going on on your life. Also, it helps you to see those things that need to be changed or improved to be a better person and feel good about yourself. While making this piece of writing, at first I felt a little anxious because sometimes is difficult to talk about your life but as the kept writing, the words were flowing more easily. After reading this paragraph, I realized that things happen for a reason and the fact that something that you really wanted doesn't work out the way that you planed it doesn't mean that there are not other doors open for you to build your future.
Be Daring!

♥ Movie Review  
  The Conjuring

Of all the reviews posted in the blog, I really liked The Conjuring’s review because it is very complete and very easy to read. This post starts with a very detailed review that is going to help the reader to have a better understanding of what the movie is about. Another aspect that I liked is that exposes the themes presented throughout the whole movie like the spiritual aspect of the movie among others. Also, the author of this review talks about the positive and negative  aspects like the importance of family bonding (positive) and the part of the possession (negative) which was a very strong scene to watch. Before reading this review, I already watched the movie.  I have to say that I agree with the author when he says that the movie is an effective scary movie because I have watched tons of demonic possession movies and honestly, this is the very first time that a movie like this gives me the chills so this is a must watch flick.

Movie Review         Carrie

The other review that I like was the one talking about Carrie.  What I like about this review is that it starts talking about the original film and how it’s been recreated through the years in different ways. After refreshing the reader’s memory of the original movie, the author presents to the reader a review about the new movie explaining what the movie is about. Also, this critique explains the different themes and religious symbols presented in the movie. This review also explains the acting and their contribution in the movie of the principal characters: Julianne Moore and Chloë Grace Moretz. I’m definitely going to watch this movie since I watched the original and I want to see if the new version is as good as the original.

Now, talking about my movie review.....

After reading the film reviews given by the professor, I went back to my reviews and noticed that I needed to add more details in each one of them. First, let’s start with the plot. In my reviews the plot was straight to the point not giving a lot of details of the movie itself, something that you should do when reviewing a movie. The second thing that I needed to add was a critic regarding on the actors (acting) in The Evil Dead review and I just didn’t like I did in the Fright Night review where I focused on the actors and their acting throughout the movie. Finally, I didn’t write the classification of the movie and how the reader is going to know the classification if you don’t write it in your review. After doing this assignment, I learned that we need to be more detailed when we are writing because maybe there are sometimes that the readers don’t fully understand a piece of writing because maybe it’s not written appropriately.

Since I was a little girl, I have loved watching movies but which is my favorite genre?..... Yeah, that’s right horror movies like vampires, zombies, ghosts’, serial killers, well… every horror movie out there. The best  horror movies made  are those from the 80’s and 90’s like “Friday the 13th”, “The Lost Boys”, “Return of the Living Dead”, “Night of the Demons” and many more. This last decade, the horror movies industry is lacking what they are supposed to do…. Scare people. This past ten years there had been some horror movies if you can call them like that, where they present silly vampires, zombies and serial killers that there are just boring. Now, I will present to you a comparison between two movies, one that I really like and another that I just said really? made in the present.

Movie that I liked

Movie: The Evil Dead (2013)
      Five friends head to a remote cabin, where the discovery of a Book of the Dead leads them to unwittingly summon up demons living in the nearby woods. The evil presence possesses them until only one is left to fight for survival.

I really like this movie because it brings back what horror movies are supposed to do, scare people. The demons shown in this movie are very scary and it gives you the scare from its begging through the end of the movie just wanting to see more. Before watching this movie I used to say that I wanted to see a horror movie with tons of blood to scare the hell out of me and this movie just did. The Evil Dead is a remake of a movie with the same title from the 80’ and in this rare case it was better than the original. This movie definitely saved horror movies.

Movie that I didn't like Vs the original 

Movie: Fright Night (2011)
Plot: A teenager suspects that his new neighbor is a vampire.

       Fright Night is a vampire movie also a remake from an 80’s movie with the same title but just gone wrong. The idea of the movie was changed in all the ways possible making the lead vampire Jerry Dandrige just a silly vampire. When I heard that this vampire was played by Colin Farrell I thought that he would bring back the mystery of this vampire but it just didn’t. Also, other main character changed was Peter Vincent “ The great vampire killer” was just some crazy drunk and worthless man who was running around scare. The movie was in 3D and I hardly could see any 3D effect and its effects they were just horrible. The makers of this movie just destroyed one of the best vampire movies made in the 80’s.

 Movie: Fright Night (1985)
 Plot: A teenager suspects that his new neighbor is a vampire.

     The original Fright Night (my favorite movie of all times) had everything a vampire movie should have, scary vampires. Even though this movie was made on an era where there were the technology wasn’t as advance as it is today, it brings scary vampires made with real make up and not just made by computer. Also, the acting was really great with Chris Sarandon playing the lead vampire; it shows what vampires are supposed to be scary and mysterious. This movie is categorized one of the best vampires movies of all times and it is definitely worth watching and it is entreating and scary from its beginning through the end. Finnaly, this is the reason why I didn't like the new one it is just lacking of what a great vampire movie is.

Back in 2009 I finally had the chance to take the test to get my driver’s license and I remember this event like it was yesterday. Days before, I took the driving practices and I prepared really well to past this test. Then, the day came and there were a few people who were going to take the test the same day as I. it was a cloudy morning in Barranquitas and it was raining a little bit. My turn came in and the instructor that was assigned to me was this grumpy old man. As the test began, I did everything correct, I put the left turn signal and looked through both mirrors and took off. Everything was going great; I was on the speed required made the stops correctly but then, at a turn I had to stop in front of this white line leaving space between the front on the car and the line and all of the sudden, this giant truck came and made a closed turn an then he couldn’t pass and then the instructor yelled at me very nicely (yeah right!)  “que estas esperando arranca!! Yo no te tengo que decir que arranques!!” then I took off in a shock  as he told me too. Finally, the parking part came and I did it perfectly but thanks to the mistake made by the driver of the truck this grumpy old man decided to fail my test and that made me very angry because it wasn’t my fault. But then, I took the test the very next week and finally passed the test with a high score.

 Last semester I had the experience to be a teacher at the Fidel Lopez Colon School in Corozal. This experience was a part of my pre-practicum since I’m preparing to become an English teacher. The assignments on this pre-practicum were to do observations at a school of preference and give three classes to the students. As I said before, I chose to do my pre-practicum with fourth grade students at the Fidel Lopez Colon School. When I walked in the first day, the teacher presented me to the students as a teacher that will be with them during the semester. The expressions on their faces were like who the hell this girl is and why she is here! and they kept looking at me curious the whole class. The next day, some of the students came at me to present themselves and asking me if I was a teacher and telling me their experiences at the classroom. During the semester I tutored the students and help them with their assignments, then it came that moment…. my first class. That day I was very nervous asking myself what if they don’t like my class?. I started the class and I noticed that the students were very motivated with the class; it was a subject and predicate class. As an activity, I gave the students sentence strips with subject and predicates where they had to place together subjects and predicates in groups. They were very happy with this activity. Later on, the topic in my second class was Verbs. As an activity, I separated the student in group A and group B to do a charades game where they had to act out the verb given on an leaf card and the rest of the students had to guess which of the verbs were. After they finished, they had to paste the leaf on a tree of verbs on the wall. With this simple activity, the students were very happy and motivated and they wanted to keep playing.  There were some days which I didn’t had to gave class and the students kept asking me if I was going to give class and when I said no they told me “nooooo missy!!!” and “quiero que des tu las clases por que la maestra es aburrida” and that made me really happy because that meant that they really liked my classes. In my last class, I took a different approach with the students; it still was a verb class but this time I read a story to them, the story was “The Great Kapok Tree.” After I read the story, the students had to do a role play of the story where the students acted out each one of the characters of the story, an activity that they really liked.  Sadly, the day that I finished my hours came and honestly, I didn’t wanted to go because I took appreciation for those students, just to see their faces everyday made me really happy.  The last time that I was with them they really didn’t wanted me to go. I said goodbye to them and told them that it was a wonderful experience to give class to them and then all of them hugged me and we took pictures together. Honestly, this was one of the best experiences in my life making me love more my job as an educator.

The legalization of marihuana is a trending topic that has been all over the news in the past few months. Almost everyday, we hear the debate between legislators on whether legalizing the use of medical marijuana  or not in the island. Some people think that this legalization will be an advance in the treatment of many medical conditions for example for terminal cancer and Alzheimer patients among others but some people just don't think that is the correct thing to do. With this research, I will point out the pros and cons on the legalization of cannabis in Puerto Rico.

Pros of the legalization of marihuana

Medical marihuana can be used to treat patients with many medical conditions like cancer, Alzheimer, nausea, appetite loss, AIDS and many others.

It will be an advance to fight assassinations caused by drug wars in the island.

It will serve as a fight plan to control the distribution of this substance. 
Cons of the legalization of marihuana

Some people can pretend to be sick  just to get weed.

Some people will use this as an excuse to smoke weed around.

Instead of growing the correct amount of weed in their houses, some people can grow  more canabis plants to sell them to make money.
            This debate has a lot of doubts on wether it is right or wrong.  The House of Representatives  is in favor of this meassure. They express this will have a possitive effect because of its medical approach. They affirm that this would help on the treatment of many medical conditions. Also, it the creator of this meassure Miguel Pereira, expresses that it  will help as a plan to control the distribution of weed in Puerto Rico.  On the other hand, there are some people that is against the legalization of canabis. The leader of Community Initiative César Vazquez Muñiz says that this legalization will be used on a negative approach  by people who only wants to smoke weed “El ingrediente activo que tiene la marihuana está disponible y puede ser recetado médicamente al que lo necesite. La gente no quiere la tableta quiere fumarse el moto. Todo es un subterfugio para dar una justificación médica para la ‘fumaera' de la yerba. Eso un farsa. En este país donde hay tanta enfermedad mental ahora queremos tener más problemas. Nunca se puede desvincular el negocio de la marihuana del mercado negro”. 
          This issue of the legalization  of marijuana has been aroun for more than 40 years all over the world. There are many contries where canabis has been legalized like Egipt, Paraguay, Canada, Holand, Beljium, Mexico, Australia and some states in the U.S. like Mexico, New, York, Alasca, Oregon and many others.  Back in the 1930's, was created the "Federal Bureau of Narcotics" in the United Stated by Harry J. Ansliger. This department created some laws  to penalize the distribution of Marijuana. One of this law was the "Marihuana Tax Act" created in 1937 which was against the recreative use of weed, not the medical use. This has repercussions in the island since now a days it is ilegal in the island,

My oppinion on this issue

         I think that the legalization of marihuna in Puerto Rico will have more negative effects than positive among the population. People will start faking diseases just to get the permits to grow this drug on the facilities of their homes. Also, this people  (the ones faking diseases )  will take advantage of this situation and will start to grow not just  one ounce of canabis, but more to sell around creating a bigger problem makingthe administration of this drug get out of hand making more difficult to stop the traffic of this drug. Furthermore, this issue will be one of many that people will want to be legal like the legalization of other drugs and even prostitution. If we continue like this, soon we will have the Puertorrican Red Light Distric just like the one in Amsterdam.
        While looking in the Le Connoisseur magazine, I came across a picture that got me interested. This picture shows a vineyard with a house in the middle of it and it looks very peaceful. This house is very beautiful, big and kind of antique looking and it has a lot of large windows all around it. This residence is painted in color orange and it has three large columns in the front making the house look more stunning. Also, this house is surrounded by a bridge like those seen in Europe from the Victorian era built in beige bricks and it also has a five or six arches. Something that intrigues me about this house is that it has what it looks like a big water tank but with windows. Maybe there are rooms inside of it using them to store something, possibly barrels of wine. This picture was taken in the daylight and it shows a great amount of green pine trees and huge mountains surrounding the vineyard. One of these mountains looks like its gray and the other one is green with white rocks. The day this picture was taken it seems that it was raining at some point of the day because even though you could see the light from the sun, the sky was gray looking, since it was very cloudy. The vineyard itself was very beautiful. It had several grape trees aligned in rows. These trees were small with orange leaves. 

More prepositions 

1. for
2. During
3. on
4. in
                           5. at
                           6. since
                           7. on                                                         
                           8. on
                           9. until
                           10. by
                            11. for
                           12. at
                           13. from
                          14. in                       Score: 14/14

Sentence Fragments #1

1. F               11. F
2. F             12. F
3. C             13. F
4. F            14. F
5. C            15. F
6. C            16. F
7. C  
8. F              Score: 14/16
9. F
10. C
 Run-ons, Comma Splices, and Fused Sentences.

1. He enjoys walking through the country and  he often goes backpacking on his vacations.

2. He often watched TV when there were only reruns; however, she preferred to read instead.

3. They weren't dangerous criminals, they were detectives in disguise.

4. I didn't know which job I wanted, I was too confused to decide.

Score: 3/4

Subject and Verb Agreement Exercise

1. are                  9. takes
2. are                 10. want
3. is                    11. is
4. is                   12. are
5. don't               13. knows
6. doens't            14. Are
7. is                  15. are, is
8. lives               16. is
                      17. Are
                      18. are
                      19. were, is
                     20. debates
                      21. lead
                      22. greet
                      23. are

Score: 21/25
Eliminating Wordiness Exercise 1

1. Many local farmers plan to attend next Friday's meeting.

2. Bradley Hall is regularly populated by students, close study of the building as a structure is seldom undertaken by them.

3. He dropped out of school to support his family.

4. The companny possibly will anounce the new scheudle within the next few days.
5. There are many ways for a student interested in meeting a foreign students to know one.

6. It is very unusual to find someone who has never told a deliberate lie. 

7. Not obeying safety rules causes trouble.

8. Students were arrested and several others were charged by organizing a meeting without permit.

9. Students think that the most important subjects are those that will be useful after graduation.

10. Freshman students need to be aware of their major in college.

11.  In the company, there are profesional opportunities for aerospace technology.

12. Some people are against capital punishmet, while others dont. 

Score: 6/12
Eliminating Wordiness Exercise 2

1. The cliff dropped to reefs seventy-five feet below, which were barely visible through the fog.

2. Their car is gassed up, but the drive will take all night.

3. Sometimes Stan went running with Blanche. She was a good athlete  on the track team at school.

4. Taylor brought some candy back from Europe. The candy was not shaped like American candy.

5. Government leaders like to mention the creation of new jobs. They claim that these new jobs indicate a strong economy. They ignore the benefits and security have replaced many good jobs.

Score: 3/5
Eliminating Wordiness Exercise 24

1. A large number of people enjoy reading murder mysteries regularly. As a rule, these people are not themselves murderers, or   enjoy seeing someone commit an actual murder. Most of them actually enjoy trying to solve an actual murder. They probably enjoy reading murder mysteries because they have found a way to escape from the routine of everydaylife

2. To such people the murder mystery is realistic fantasy. They are not just made up pasteboard figures. It is also realistic because the character who is the hero, the character who solves the murder mystery, solves it not usually by trial and error and haphazard methods but by exercising a high degree of logic and reason. It is important that people who enjoy murder mysteries have an admiration for the human faculty of logic.

3. But murder mysteries are also fantasies. The people who read such books of fiction play a game. It is a game in which they suspend certain human emotions. One of these emotions  is pity. If the reader stops to feel pity and sympathy, that person will never enjoy reading murder mysteries.  Readers of murder mysteries keeps uppermost in mind at all times the goal of arriving through logic and observation at the final solution to the mystery offered in the book. It is a game with life and death. Whodunits hopefully help the reader to hide from actual life and death in the real world.
Quiz on Prepositions

1. B
2. A

3. C
4. B
5. A
6. C
7. B

8. A
9. C
10. C
11. A
12. C
13. B
14. A
15. C
16. B
17. B
18. A
19. C
20. A

Score: 19/20
Prepositions 2

1. to
2. into
3. on
4. in
5. in
6. toward
7. onto
8. into
9. on
10. on
11. to
12. toward
13. on
14. on
15. in
16. to
17. into
18. in
19. toward
20. onto

Score: 15/20