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  The Conjuring

Of all the reviews posted in the blog, I really liked The Conjuring’s review because it is very complete and very easy to read. This post starts with a very detailed review that is going to help the reader to have a better understanding of what the movie is about. Another aspect that I liked is that exposes the themes presented throughout the whole movie like the spiritual aspect of the movie among others. Also, the author of this review talks about the positive and negative  aspects like the importance of family bonding (positive) and the part of the possession (negative) which was a very strong scene to watch. Before reading this review, I already watched the movie.  I have to say that I agree with the author when he says that the movie is an effective scary movie because I have watched tons of demonic possession movies and honestly, this is the very first time that a movie like this gives me the chills so this is a must watch flick.

Movie Review         Carrie

The other review that I like was the one talking about Carrie.  What I like about this review is that it starts talking about the original film and how it’s been recreated through the years in different ways. After refreshing the reader’s memory of the original movie, the author presents to the reader a review about the new movie explaining what the movie is about. Also, this critique explains the different themes and religious symbols presented in the movie. This review also explains the acting and their contribution in the movie of the principal characters: Julianne Moore and Chloë Grace Moretz. I’m definitely going to watch this movie since I watched the original and I want to see if the new version is as good as the original.

Now, talking about my movie review.....

After reading the film reviews given by the professor, I went back to my reviews and noticed that I needed to add more details in each one of them. First, let’s start with the plot. In my reviews the plot was straight to the point not giving a lot of details of the movie itself, something that you should do when reviewing a movie. The second thing that I needed to add was a critic regarding on the actors (acting) in The Evil Dead review and I just didn’t like I did in the Fright Night review where I focused on the actors and their acting throughout the movie. Finally, I didn’t write the classification of the movie and how the reader is going to know the classification if you don’t write it in your review. After doing this assignment, I learned that we need to be more detailed when we are writing because maybe there are sometimes that the readers don’t fully understand a piece of writing because maybe it’s not written appropriately.


Frances Adorno
10/27/2013 5:25pm

I agree with you on the reviews, but not going to watch those movies because I'm not a horror fan. But good piece of writing.


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