Animal abuse
 Men who think that they can control the lives of women
People who cut in front of you in the streets without the turn signal
Crazy drivers
People who think are better than others
Irresponsible people
When people runs over an animal on the street on purpose
Religious fanatics
People who think they are right when they are wrong
Disrespectful people
Bieber music and Believers
♥ Guys with way too loud reggaeton music on their cars (are they deaf or something?)
Three police man who work in Corozal (they are so arrogant and they are always together looking like a threesome



Fake people
Lousy friends
When cable T.V. goes out (I rather have no internet than no cable)
When people ask me for things in a bad way
When people publish their whole lives on Facebook
Romantic movies
When my dog starts barking at 5 am
When I have to repeat things more than three times
My neighbors steeling my internet
Being late to classes (Destiny conspires against me)
Math class
Girls who scream at a movie theater for no reason
Having three Elena’s at The Vampire Diaries (Truly annoying)
Girls who seek fight through their Facebook status
People who break their promises
Harry potter movies
Waiting two or three months to watch new episodes from my favorite T.V. shows
Falling asleep while watching T.V.
Couples who are way too affectionate in public
Drama queens
Waiting a whole week to see my T.V. shows
When my Ipod has no battery! -_-
 Cockroaches (They are so nasty)
 Working in groups at school (They always leave all the work to me)

Looking back at these two lists, they are different because in the social aspect, I'm referring  to common things that we are surrounded by everyday that bothers most people globally and in our island. On the other side, in my personal list, I'm mentioning those things that annoy ME personally, maybe having similar things with other people but these are the ones that bother me. Taking a closer look into my list on the social aspect, you can see that there are some similarities since these are the things that we are surrounded by everyday and bother most people in our society no matter if we live in Puerto Rico, The United States or Europe. 
      Now focusing in the first three aspects is my social list, first of all, I chose animal abuse because I seriously can’t understand why people enjoy hurting animals.  These beautiful creatures were made to makes us company when we are alone so why hurt them? These “people” if you can call them like that, should stop for a minute and think what would they feel like if they are abused just like these animals so they can create conscious and stop this madness. Another thing that I really hate is controlling men. They think just because they are men they can control women’s life by telling them what to wear who they hang up with, saying that women are meant to be in the kitchen and taking care of the kids, I mean, come on! We are in the 21st century for god’s sake! I think that women who let their partners control their lives are just pathetic.  Finally, another thing that I hate is liars. I don’t understand why people has to lie about everything and then telling this lies in front of you without any remorse, sometimes making situations more difficult than they already are by lying. 


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