The legalization of marihuana is a trending topic that has been all over the news in the past few months. Almost everyday, we hear the debate between legislators on whether legalizing the use of medical marijuana  or not in the island. Some people think that this legalization will be an advance in the treatment of many medical conditions for example for terminal cancer and Alzheimer patients among others but some people just don't think that is the correct thing to do. With this research, I will point out the pros and cons on the legalization of cannabis in Puerto Rico.

Pros of the legalization of marihuana

Medical marihuana can be used to treat patients with many medical conditions like cancer, Alzheimer, nausea, appetite loss, AIDS and many others.

It will be an advance to fight assassinations caused by drug wars in the island.

It will serve as a fight plan to control the distribution of this substance. 
Cons of the legalization of marihuana

Some people can pretend to be sick  just to get weed.

Some people will use this as an excuse to smoke weed around.

Instead of growing the correct amount of weed in their houses, some people can grow  more canabis plants to sell them to make money.
            This debate has a lot of doubts on wether it is right or wrong.  The House of Representatives  is in favor of this meassure. They express this will have a possitive effect because of its medical approach. They affirm that this would help on the treatment of many medical conditions. Also, it the creator of this meassure Miguel Pereira, expresses that it  will help as a plan to control the distribution of weed in Puerto Rico.  On the other hand, there are some people that is against the legalization of canabis. The leader of Community Initiative César Vazquez Muñiz says that this legalization will be used on a negative approach  by people who only wants to smoke weed “El ingrediente activo que tiene la marihuana está disponible y puede ser recetado médicamente al que lo necesite. La gente no quiere la tableta quiere fumarse el moto. Todo es un subterfugio para dar una justificación médica para la ‘fumaera' de la yerba. Eso un farsa. En este país donde hay tanta enfermedad mental ahora queremos tener más problemas. Nunca se puede desvincular el negocio de la marihuana del mercado negro”. 
          This issue of the legalization  of marijuana has been aroun for more than 40 years all over the world. There are many contries where canabis has been legalized like Egipt, Paraguay, Canada, Holand, Beljium, Mexico, Australia and some states in the U.S. like Mexico, New, York, Alasca, Oregon and many others.  Back in the 1930's, was created the "Federal Bureau of Narcotics" in the United Stated by Harry J. Ansliger. This department created some laws  to penalize the distribution of Marijuana. One of this law was the "Marihuana Tax Act" created in 1937 which was against the recreative use of weed, not the medical use. This has repercussions in the island since now a days it is ilegal in the island,

My oppinion on this issue

         I think that the legalization of marihuna in Puerto Rico will have more negative effects than positive among the population. People will start faking diseases just to get the permits to grow this drug on the facilities of their homes. Also, this people  (the ones faking diseases )  will take advantage of this situation and will start to grow not just  one ounce of canabis, but more to sell around creating a bigger problem makingthe administration of this drug get out of hand making more difficult to stop the traffic of this drug. Furthermore, this issue will be one of many that people will want to be legal like the legalization of other drugs and even prostitution. If we continue like this, soon we will have the Puertorrican Red Light Distric just like the one in Amsterdam.

Frances Adorno
10/27/2013 5:28pm

You need to watch out for verb tenses, other than that nice writing.

10/27/2013 7:39pm

Are those cons you found on your research or are those your opinion??It's good overall, maybe you should have translated the part that's in spanish.. but it was nice to read.

10/28/2013 2:22am

I think your point came across, even if there were a few grammatical errors like misspelled words. Good post.

10/29/2013 1:19am

I like the way you organized the two perspectives and then add your opinion. :)

Selena Marie
10/29/2013 7:07pm

Your post is very organized and has good structure. I like that you are very clear in your opinion and are not persuaded by the hype of this topic and that you considered the consequences short and long term of legalizing this drug.


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