While looking in the Le Connoisseur magazine, I came across a picture that got me interested. This picture shows a vineyard with a house in the middle of it and it looks very peaceful. This house is very beautiful, big and kind of antique looking and it has a lot of large windows all around it. This residence is painted in color orange and it has three large columns in the front making the house look more stunning. Also, this house is surrounded by a bridge like those seen in Europe from the Victorian era built in beige bricks and it also has a five or six arches. Something that intrigues me about this house is that it has what it looks like a big water tank but with windows. Maybe there are rooms inside of it using them to store something, possibly barrels of wine. This picture was taken in the daylight and it shows a great amount of green pine trees and huge mountains surrounding the vineyard. One of these mountains looks like its gray and the other one is green with white rocks. The day this picture was taken it seems that it was raining at some point of the day because even though you could see the light from the sun, the sky was gray looking, since it was very cloudy. The vineyard itself was very beautiful. It had several grape trees aligned in rows. These trees were small with orange leaves. 


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