As children, Disney movies played a significant part in our childhood.  we used and still enjoy watching  many of these movies like “The Lion King”, “Beauty and the Beast”, "Snow White”, "The Aristocats" and many others.  I in particular used to love watching these movies and wanted my parents to buy every movie that came out at that time. Every time that I watch the scene in “The Lion King”  where Mufasa is killed by Scar it still gives me the chills and it still makes me want to cry, I mean, who does not want to cry when that happens!. Ever since these movies were created, they were intended to be shown as a magical creation full of innocence and fun, but now that we are grown up we have to think if they are really that innocent? For many years there has been this controversy which exposes Disney Company‘s real messages contained in all of their movies like racism, sexism and class differences, but this really has to change our love and excitement for Disney movies?
       Before watching the documentary Mickey Mouse Monopoly”  I was aware of these controversies but I have to say that I didn’t  gave to much attention to it, but giving a closer look to the message of this documentary I was shocked  to some of the messages hidden in these movies. We were children at that time and how can you imagine a child deciphering all these hidden messages, we didn’t had that capacity to identify them yet, but now as adults is more easy to identify them. Now a days, I don’t watch too many Disney movies, I still love these movies but the old ones, I guess that I got stuck in The Lion King”, “The Aristocats” and “Beauty and the Beast”. Watching this documentary made me more aware of these themes but doesn’t change at all the fact that I think that these movies played a very significant part in my childhood and I won’t stop watching them. 


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