“After Careful Deliberation, Baby Goes                  With Homosexuality” 

The Onion’s article called After Careful Deliberation, Baby Goes With Homosexuality” is a satire that talks about a four month old baby called Nathan Reynolds who “decided” that he wanted to be homosexual. After reading the article, it’s obvious that the writer is mocking people who think that being homosexual is something that a person chooses as a lifestyle. At this point, it is proven that homosexuality is something that you are born with, not something that you choose, you just don’t wake up one day an say “Oh, from now on, I’m going to be homosexual.” He chooses a baby to make his point more clear since it’s obvious that a baby can reason about life choices.

"Of course, I wasn’t certain of anything at first, but when I finally made up my mind to be gay, I was conscious of the fact that loved ones would repeatedly tell me that I’m not normal,” 

“If my sexuality means I get bullied at school, or that I end up feeling unloved and shunned for my entire life, or that I don’t receive equal protection under the law, then obviously that will be my own fault.”

     At this point of our lives, society still thinks that homosexuality is a conduct learned and surprisingly, some people still think that homosexuality is a disease that has to be treated and that can be fixed with time. Obviously, this is completely wrong and this is what the writer is trying to expose, that homosexuality is something that you are born with and that is ridiculous to think that a person can choose to whether or not to be a homosexual.


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