Back in 2009 I finally had the chance to take the test to get my driver’s license and I remember this event like it was yesterday. Days before, I took the driving practices and I prepared really well to past this test. Then, the day came and there were a few people who were going to take the test the same day as I. it was a cloudy morning in Barranquitas and it was raining a little bit. My turn came in and the instructor that was assigned to me was this grumpy old man. As the test began, I did everything correct, I put the left turn signal and looked through both mirrors and took off. Everything was going great; I was on the speed required made the stops correctly but then, at a turn I had to stop in front of this white line leaving space between the front on the car and the line and all of the sudden, this giant truck came and made a closed turn an then he couldn’t pass and then the instructor yelled at me very nicely (yeah right!)  “que estas esperando arranca!! Yo no te tengo que decir que arranques!!” then I took off in a shock  as he told me too. Finally, the parking part came and I did it perfectly but thanks to the mistake made by the driver of the truck this grumpy old man decided to fail my test and that made me very angry because it wasn’t my fault. But then, I took the test the very next week and finally passed the test with a high score.


Frances Adorno
10/27/2013 5:30pm

Wow, bad luck you say. But the important thing is that you passed it, I'm sure that is an experience you will never forget.

10/27/2013 7:43pm

Haha some people are just there to make our lives difficult. "took the driving **lessons". It was very good written.

10/28/2013 2:17am

Driving tests are the worst, but you passed it, in the end. So yay! There were a few mistake grammar-wise, but it was an overall good post.

10/29/2013 1:15am

HAHAHA! Some old men are just cranky. Good post! Very concise and neat :)

Selena Marie
10/29/2013 7:02pm

Wow, what a not so nice experience. My first time taking the test was also a disaster and I had to repeat it the next week it happens!
Nice post, short and to the point.


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