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                                Cero Balas al Aire

       Among the editorials that I saw throughout some newspaper sites, the one that caught my attention was Primera Hora’s "Cero Balas al Aire" article.  The reason that I chose this article is because since we are getting closer to New Yeas’s, different campaigns are being made to create conscious among the population to not shoot bullets at the air during the New Year celebration on December 31.

        This article talks about the campaign “Cero Balas al Aire” made every year to prevent deaths provoked by lost bullets during New Year’s Eve celebration. This campaign started ten years ago and is directed by the community leader Roberto Perez Santoni, better known as “Papo Christian.” The purpose of this campaign is to gather the commitment of the different communities around the island to raise their voices and lead a message to exhort people to stop shooting bullets in the air to prevent deaths during this time of celebration. By reading this article, the reader can tell that the writer is well informed of what he/she is talking about because is providing the number of incidents during the last ten years making the article more clear and feasible, for example, he/she talks about the death of a 14 year old boy named Francisco Javier Cancel Flores who died in 2010 and the famous case of Karla Michelle Negron Velez whose deaths were caused by lost bullets on December 31. Also, the author explains that since this campaign started, the number of victims has diminished notably in the last years. 
       While reading this article, it’s clear that the tone of the author is a concerned one, since he/she is trying to send the message to stop this madness of shooting bullets in the air that has caused many deaths of innocent people in the last ten years. This time of the year is about joy and celebration with your family and friends, not to suffer the lost of a loved one because of the irresponsibility of another person.  

“Las balas disparadas al aire no sólo matan a inocentes, sino que también dejan un rastro de tragedia que afecta a las familias y a las comunidades donde ocurren estos terribles incidentes. Por eso, todo el País debe unirse en torno a la campaña por la paz y toda medida debe ser reforzada para perseguir y procesar a los protagonistas de esta irresponsabilidad criminal.”

“Debemos recordar que no son menos asesinos aquellos que matan a causa de su afán de “celebrar” sin preocuparse por la vida de las demás personas que pueden ser víctimas de esos disparos.”


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