Last semester I had the experience to be a teacher at the Fidel Lopez Colon School in Corozal. This experience was a part of my pre-practicum since I’m preparing to become an English teacher. The assignments on this pre-practicum were to do observations at a school of preference and give three classes to the students. As I said before, I chose to do my pre-practicum with fourth grade students at the Fidel Lopez Colon School. When I walked in the first day, the teacher presented me to the students as a teacher that will be with them during the semester. The expressions on their faces were like who the hell this girl is and why she is here! and they kept looking at me curious the whole class. The next day, some of the students came at me to present themselves and asking me if I was a teacher and telling me their experiences at the classroom. During the semester I tutored the students and help them with their assignments, then it came that moment…. my first class. That day I was very nervous asking myself what if they don’t like my class?. I started the class and I noticed that the students were very motivated with the class; it was a subject and predicate class. As an activity, I gave the students sentence strips with subject and predicates where they had to place together subjects and predicates in groups. They were very happy with this activity. Later on, the topic in my second class was Verbs. As an activity, I separated the student in group A and group B to do a charades game where they had to act out the verb given on an leaf card and the rest of the students had to guess which of the verbs were. After they finished, they had to paste the leaf on a tree of verbs on the wall. With this simple activity, the students were very happy and motivated and they wanted to keep playing.  There were some days which I didn’t had to gave class and the students kept asking me if I was going to give class and when I said no they told me “nooooo missy!!!” and “quiero que des tu las clases por que la maestra es aburrida” and that made me really happy because that meant that they really liked my classes. In my last class, I took a different approach with the students; it still was a verb class but this time I read a story to them, the story was “The Great Kapok Tree.” After I read the story, the students had to do a role play of the story where the students acted out each one of the characters of the story, an activity that they really liked.  Sadly, the day that I finished my hours came and honestly, I didn’t wanted to go because I took appreciation for those students, just to see their faces everyday made me really happy.  The last time that I was with them they really didn’t wanted me to go. I said goodbye to them and told them that it was a wonderful experience to give class to them and then all of them hugged me and we took pictures together. Honestly, this was one of the best experiences in my life making me love more my job as an educator.


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