After reading Profesor Thurin’s  article, I thought it was an interesting and funny study of UPR men. Before reading this article, I noticed some of these descriptions made around campus for example in HUMA and ADMI but there are some that I didn’t noticed at all. I think that she chose a funny way to describe our classmate’s sense of style around campus. This article made me think on to start a study to describe UPR’s professors. With this study, I will be describing professors from the faculties I’ve taken class. These faculties are Education, Humanities and Generales. Based on my experiences in these faculties, I’ve come across some interesting types of professors, these are:

 The philosophical- I have found these types of professors roaming around Generales hallways. You can hear these professors talking about their philosophies and ideals during classes,   sometimes these are interesting, others… not so much.

 The idealist- these can be found in Humanities. Most of these professors are well prepared, intellectual and always prepared to teach the students new and interesting topics in their classes.

 The Pedagogic- These can be found in the faculty of Education. These professors are constant learners who always try to find new ways to teach their students new and innovative ways to be great teachers. These are constantly promoting critical thinking based on the ideals of the great philosophers in education like Freire, Piaget, Vygotsky and many more.


Estefania Jordan
09/17/2013 9:43am

I really can't stand the philosophical professors. At first I disliked them, then I thought okay maybe they are actually getting somewhere and then nope. I am taking a CISO class with one of these philosophical professors and I took us 3 weeks to just discuss the syllabus.

Overall, I liked the post because it focussed on the teacher side. I'm pretty sure someone else did a similar post but they had different classifications.

09/17/2013 11:51am

Great post. I like the structure of your essay.


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