Song: “Summer Paradise” By: Simple Plan
Setting: Europe
Genre: Adventure


        Sulimar Cosme- Nina Dobrev
        Isaemir Olvarria- Nia Long
        Mayreen Alvarado-  Miranda Cosgrove
        Rosalyn Cortes- Sarah Michelle Gellar
        Omar Muñiz- Jay Ryan

        This movie follows the story of a girl (Dobrev) whose dream has always been traveling around the world, especially Europe. Walking around school, she sees that there are looking for people to travel to Europe and immediately she decides that she must go no matter what. The day has come and she is very happy that her dream is finally is coming true. While in London, she meets some students who are part of the traveling group with who she immediately made friends with. Sulimar (Dobrev), Isaemir (Long), Omar (Ryan), Rosalyn (Gellar) and Mayreen (Cosgrove) travel around Europe enjoying their wonderful friendship and of course, all the beautiful and wonderful landscapes that surround them having the summer of their lives.


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